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Safety and security, proven results, consistency and communication are important to you so we've made it important to us.


5 Star Google Review

"I manage a Conference and Event Center and Invig Cleaning comes in to clean and set up for us after every event. Preston is very responsive and flexible with our schedule. They do a great job cleaning the buildings and making sure the space is in good condition for the next event."


- Hannah F. -



The Invig Advantage

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You deserve the best and should have peace of mind every night. We take care of car dealerships, apartment complexes, medical facilities, retail, restaurants, rec centers, schools, places of worship, manufacturing facilities, hospitality buildings, offices, event venues, and financial institutions.

Why we're different

Safety and Security

  • Bonded, Insured, Background checked employees.

  • Uniforms accompanied by identification badges 

  • Key/combo log and lockbox 

  • Lock up checks 

Proven Results 

  • Highly trained staff with ongoing training 

  • Account manager to communicate and manage smooth operations 

Consistency and Communication

  • Monthly review sheet to create proper standards

  • Nightly checklist to ensure proper expectations  

Cleaning Ladies

top to bottom

360 clean

360 degrees
  • Chemical to disinfect 

  • Hepa filtered vacuums 

  • Colored Microfiber clothes to prevent cross-contamination

  • Flat mops to help keep floors in optimal condition 

Invig cleaners are equipped with top of the line cleaning chemical and supplies and the knowledge of how to use them properly. Our cleaners are taught to scan a room from each level all the way around. Starting from the ceiling working down to the body of the room and finally the floor. While completing this scan they are searching for areas that can be improved on and anything that is in need of being taken care of to ensure that the area being cleaned is complete. 

Invig cleaning can cater to any needs and budgets. We can come up with an original plan just for you!


A showroom should resemble the likes of the cars in it, clean and fresh. The environment should give your clients a feeling of comfort as they visit. As they sit waiting to finalize their brand- new car purchase they should look out into the showroom to see dust-free areas, sparkling floors, and clear windows. Our team will also take care of offices, breakrooms, and restrooms. A clean and tidy work area will allow your team to focus on what matters most. With Invig Cleaning’s bonded, insured, and trained team you can have comfort knowing that all high value assets will be safe. 


One of the most important days of your client’s life can happen in your center. Perfection is everything. Mistakes can take away from those special moments. Have peace of mind knowing Invig Cleaning can arrive as soon as an event is over and set up for the next one all in one night. 


Schools can be a fast-spreading breeding ground for bacteria and sickness. Invig Cleaning will disinfect and deep clean all touch areas, including toys and learning supplies to make your school a safe and healthy place for your students and staff. 


Banks and other financial entities are a place of high-end business which requires high-end professionalism. Top standards should be in every infrastructure. Invig cleaning provides those top standards and understands the seriousness of security. That is why our team is background checked, bonded, trained, and insured. 


Rec Centers are heavy traffic areas with plenty of areas to spread germs. A good team that understands just how much is involved in maintaining gyms and centers is critical. Having helped numerous gyms and even local YMCA’S Invig Cleaning has that experience. 


When guests arrive at a hotel or a bed and inn. They don’t want to just feel like they are at home, they want to have an amazing out of the home experience. From spotless floors to soft, clean, smelling linens. Invig cleaning understands that people come and go. But the one thing that must remain is a clean environment. 


Organization and cleanliness are critical for optimized production. Dust and spills from the previous day can’t be left behind. Invig Cleaning makes sure that these things are taken care of so your staff can focus on keeping production running. 


Should be a place to come together not spread germs to one another. Inivg Cleaning can disinfect all surfaces. Keeping your place safe. No matter the size of your building you can rest assured that our staff can handle it. 


Organization and a clean workplace are key to a great functioning office. If not disinfected on a regular basis, germs and bacteria can accumulate and lead to staff getting sick. Which results in a not so functioning office. Invig Cleaning can accommodate for any size office weather its occupied by only a few staff members or 100+ employees. 


It’s critical to have a clean environment in an area where food is prepped and served. It can make or break a restaurant if high standards of cleanliness aren’t met. However, it can be difficult to uphold such high standards when there is so much work to be done on the daily. Let Invig cleaning handle those worries with our experience with local Northeast Ohio restaurants. Your guests will be commenting how clean your building is and how comfortable your restrooms are. 


High levels of cleanliness are a necessity for medical facilities ranging from disinfecting to sterilizing. The air must be free of dust and particles. The floors spotless. To some cleaning companies they believe that any type of towel or chemical will do. With Invig cleaning that Is not the case. Hepa filtered vacuums must be used, cross contamination can’t be allowed. Correct chemical usage and dilution is critical. Finally, proper PPE is required. If you are looking for higher standards look no further.  


Your customers' focus should be on your product not on the dusty corner and finger prints on the glass door. Invig Cleaning can come up with a perfect schedule and friendly budget that can allow for a great looking store at all times. 

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