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person sanitizing kitchen counter


We require a minimum of a two-man hour clean. We like to keep our price fair and competitive. Our prices and plans are as follows:


Four man hour
(1 cleaner for 4 hours or 2 cleaners for 2)
3000sqft +


Three man hours
(1 cleaner for 3 hours or 2 cleaners for 1.5) 


Two man hours
(1 cleaner for 2 hours or 2 cleaners for 1. 
2 bed 1 bath

Our team will arrive to your home and will have a consultation before they start cleaning. During this time they will ask you questions to determine what are the most important rooms and cleaning task that you would like to be accomplished in this time. If our team accomplishes these with time to spare they would be happy to continue cleaning additional areas/tasks. 
Bi Weekly cleaning = 10% discount
man squeegeeing window


If you would like an estimate for your property please contact us at 330-324-8176 we would be happy to come out and figure out the proper price for your specific cleaning needs. 

Invig cleaning can cater to any needs and budgets. We can come up with an original plan just for you!

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